Laboratories - Wilton Centre
Serviced labs

Serviced labs

Serviced laboratories are available often with adjoining office or write-up space.

Laboratory accommodation packages include:

• Worktops, under bench units and sinks
• Fire detection, firefighting equipment and emergency showers
• COSHH compliant and tested fume cupboards
• Chemical drains, compressed air, nitrogen, hot and cold water
• Chemical, flammable liquid and gas cylinder storage rooms
• Solvent removal and chemical waste disposal
• Clothing lockers, shower room, cleaning and laundry
• Laboratory equipment maintenance
• Dedicated laboratory services porter
• Analytical support and glass blowing

Fully-equipped labs

Fully-equipped labs

We have over 90 'plug-and-play' laboratories suitable for a mix of uses.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of laboratory operations and procedures and can assist in the design, build and operation of laboratories. Our skilled technicians maintain laboratory services and equipment, and also provide support with laboratory procedures, lab training and health and safety issues.

Bespoke laboratories

Bespoke laboratories

The unique design of Wilton Centre allows for highly flexible floors which can accommodate a range of laboratories and configurations. Our team can also support in the design and operation of laboratories.

The most incredible opportunity arose in Teesside when a two-year old, fully-equipped plant became available. The end result was an easy retrofit to adapt everything to our needs, at about a fifth of the price we had budgeted for and four years earlier than scheduled! We have been there for nearly a year now and it is proving to be extremely beneficial for many aspects of our work.

Professor Martin Atkins, CEO of Green Lizard Technologies

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