Innovation Accelerator - Wilton Centre
Innovation Accelerator - Wilton Centre
Innovation Accelerator - Wilton Centre
Innovation Accelerator - Wilton Centre

We empathise with the challenges that businesses go through, not only start-ups, but growing SMEs and multinationals. Our team has years of experience and we’re applying that experience to support our occupiers.

This means we provide practical support so you can focus on achieving your goals. We take the hassle out of real estate by providing easily accessible facilities through our serviced laboratories, flexible contracts and experienced support team.

For our SMEs, we also provide business coaching, market intelligence, and access to investment across the spectrum – from connecting you to seed capital to providing growth funding when you need it.

Business start-up support

We offer strategic business planning, financing and pre-start services to start-ups.

Entrepreneur programme

This can provide you with the skills needed to grow your business. Bespoke programmes are available for pre-start, start-up and developing SMEs, whatever your stage of development.

Business funding market intelligence

We have access to UKFunders resources – a comprehensive coverage of equity funders offering £10 k to £10 m for businesses based in the UK. There is also access to selected specialist debt funders and grant providers, venture capital funds, business angel networks, a variety of public-sector funders, banks, corporates, research funders and more. Bespoke UKFunders reports can be generated for clients and prospective clients.

Market intelligence

Our services can improve understanding of your market opportunities and help you to exploit them.

Intellectual property

We can assist in reviewing and assessing your IP status, identifying potential partners and protecting your IP interests where relevant.

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