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Facility undergoes expansion

June 2011

Nigel Perry, David Willetts, Bob Coxon and Ian Shott

(L-R) Nigel Perry, David Willetts, Bob Coxon and Ian Shott

The CPI has launched the expansion of its National Industrial Biotechnology Facility (NIBF) at The Wilton Centre.

Designed to stimulate the use of Industrial Biotechnology to develop and demonstrate cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing processes in the delivery of products, the NIBF is tailored to the production of alternative fuels and chemicals using renewable feedstocks such as biomass and waste.

Among those attending the launch was Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, who said: “UK Manufacturing is at the heart of our plan for economic growth and Technology and Innovation Centres are a key element of the plan. Industrial biotechnology is an important part of this with its potential to improve our sustainability, cut CO2 emissions and reduce our dependence on oil and gas.

“The Industrial Biotechnology Facility reinforces the Government’s commitment to convert science into business opportunities. This facility is also based in an area where specialist jobs can be created to help boost the local economy.”

CPI’s Director of Sustainable Processing, Dr Chris Dowle, said: “These new, expanded facilities are now at the leading edge in the world providing assets, experienced staff and the skills to allow companies to embrace the best available process technologies for their high value manufacturing. With the expansion of the NIBF the UK has competence and capability to de-risk and implement the lowest cost sustainable technology for competitive manufacturing now and into the future.”

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