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Companies move in

June 2011

Three companies have now moved into the new Innovation Accelerator which has been developed at The Wilton Centre.

Developed by WCFM and the CPI Innovation Accelerator Team, the complex supports new businesses working in the science, technology, engineering and life sciences sectors.

As reported in last Autumn's edition of Wilton Centre News, BioInnovel was the first company to move in. A provider of monitoring and control technologies, it works extensively in the Pharmaecutical, Environmental and Agro-Food industries worldwide.

Joining BioInnovel is CatalySystems, which has developed advanced water decontamination systems for use in industry.

Technical Director Neil Foster said: "The company can now ramp up its technical development through access to these purpose-built facilities which have been established with the needs of small process technology companies in mind."

Completing the three new residents is Primary Disperson Limited (PDL), which is a specialist in the nanomaterials sector and has developed advanced disruptive dispersion technology.

DPL's technology helps companies working in the nano-sector and applications for its new technology include personal care, fuel additives, printable electronics, coatings and plastics.

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