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NEPIC makes inroads into foreign markets

June 2011

Many members of NEPIC are benefiting from the organisation's promotion of their goods and services, with opportunities opening up abroad.

Promotion comes via personal recommendation or via the NEPIC Directory and other publications and also at www.nepic.co.uk

The Cluster has been taking a lead in establishing relationships in India, Brazil and China. Many companies have already gained from these relationships and developed new trade and export business.

NEPIC itself is utilising both its marketing products and networking events to identify investment opportunities and, to help with this, several DVD films promoting the industry and all its sectors as well as the region's capabilities have been produced. These have proven to be very effective in attracting investors to look at the region.

In India, in particular, there is a huge opportunity to find new business. India's economy is growing fast with a chemical and pharmaceutical sector already turning over $83 billion, which is equivalent to 5% of India's GDP. The country is developing five large chemical parks supported by industry and the Indian Government.

NEPIC was invited to India by the Government and the Indian Chemical Council for the launch by the President of India of their report "Sustaining the IndiaAdvantage." The report states: "India is today seen asa growth market for many western companies."

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