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Gas2 sets up in laboratories

February 2011

Gas2 MD Mike Fleming

Gas2 MD Mike Fleming

Aberdeen-based process technology company Gas2 Ltd has moved into The Wilton Centre.

The company has announced that it is establishing a laboratory presence in Stalls 13 & 15 in TS1, after which it will start a test programme on Syngas reactors currently being constructed off site.

Gas2 is developing new technology in the Gas to Liquids (GTL) arena, in which natural gas is converted into clean hydrocarbon liquids for domestic and industrial use.

In particular, it will enable gas fields that are either too small, or not easily connected into an existing pipeline distribution system to be brought on-stream and to eliminate the need to flare off unwanted gas offshore.

Mike Fleming, Managing Director of Gas2, said:

"We are pleased to be establishing a testing facility at The Wilton Centre as part of our ongoing technology commercialisation programme.

"Gas2 looked at other possible sites in the UK and Europe but Wilton was clearly the centre of choice for us due to the quality of facilities available and the track record of Wilton supporting operations of this nature."

Project Manager Steve Reynolds can be contacted on 01224 650309,
or e-mailed at stephen.reynolds@gas-2.com
The company website is www.gas-2.com

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