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Infinity makes the move

February 2011


One of the new Centre residents is Infinity (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of Infinity Logistics & Transport SDN BHD, Malaysia.

The expertise of the company lies within bulk container transport of non-hazardous liquids, such as wine, Latex and glycols.

It operates a product that is known as the Flexitank, which turns a 20ft dry container into a liquid tank.

Infinity is also a Dry-Bulk operator moving bulk products such as Polyethylene, PET, PTA and grains around the world.

Infinity has concentrated on South East Asia and Australia but 2011 will see an expansion in to Europe, hence the move into an office at The Wilton Centre, as well as South and North America and South Africa.

John Humphrey, the European representative, said: "I've known and worked with Infinity for ten years and am pleased to be associated with a professional and well respected company. Infinity are not well known outside of Asia and the opening of the Wilton Centre office is the first of what will eventually be a global network.

"It is a strange experience to open an office in The Wilton Centre because it is here that I was based when employed in the Distribution Department of ICI. I left ICI in 1998 after more than 20 years service. When I was given the task by Infinity to find an office local to my home I looked at many options but after inspecting The Wilton Centre it became obvious that this is the best and most secure office complex in South Cleveland so it became an easy decision to return to my roots."

* The company website is www.infinity.com.my
John’s email is john.humphrey@infinity.com.my

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