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Green energy in the air for Wilton Centre

December 2010

The Wilton Centre is to investigate the possibility of producing clean, green renewable energy at its site.

The 75-acre science and business park has teamed up with on-site wind energy company Wind Direct, which specialises in the installation of wind turbines on commercial and industrial sites across the UK.

The installation of wind turbines in its grounds will enable the Wilton Centre, which is located between Middlesbrough and Redcar, and its tenants to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst protecting against volatile energy prices.

With a high electricity base load at the centre and with 60 companies based there, it is ideally placed to benefit from onsite generation.

The renewable energy produced by Wind Direct wind turbines is cheaper than brown electricity. Its approach allows businesses to fix the cost of their electricity for up to ten years, with no capital outlay.

In order to establish the viability of the site, Wind Direct must first apply for planning permission to erect a temporary 70 metre high met mast to collect data over the next two years.

Nicola Mortimer, Wind Direct's Head of Development, explained that wind speed and quality were vital to all wind development projects so it was important that they were able to make accurate predictions, by carefully measuring the wind speed on The Wilton Centre site.

She added: "Once we have done this we will be in a much better position to determine whether the centre could be generating clean, green energy on site for use by both the company and its tenants."

Dr Richard Short, Wilton Centre Facility Management's (WCFM) Engineering Manager, said that this was the latest in a range of measures designed to conserve energy at the centre.

"We are constantly striving to improve energy efficiency at the centre and reduce our carbon footprint so investigating the possibility of generating our own electricity using wind power is a natural step," he continued.

"The Wind Direct approach allows us to provide the centre and our tenants with clean, green electricity without generating any development costs."

An application for the mast has been made to Redcar and Cleveland Council and can be viewed on the council's website or by visiting their offices in person.

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