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Recruitment company turns in another strong performance

October 2010

TechConsult UK do some social networking

Jenny El Gabali, front, Steve Guest, middle, and Ian Marshall, all of TechConsult UK, do some social networking

TechConsult UK Ltd, based at The Wilton Centre, recorded an increase in turnover of 40% despite trading in difficult economic conditions.

The company provides skilled men and women for companies operating within the offshore, fabrication and maintenance, process, shipbuilding, and civil engineering industries.

Figures for 2009, which have just been published, showed that turnover increased by £2.4 million, up 40% on the previous year.

Projected turnover for this year is £3.8 million, which would be an increase of just over 50% on 2009, and the company says it is on target to achieve that.

Managing director Steve Guest said: “These are very encouraging figures, particularly given the difficult trading conditions over the past year.”

To help its work, the company has turned to social networking and the team believes that the likes of Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter offer a new way of promoting opportunities to the workers it places with companies across the world.

Steve Guest said: “Social media is changing the way people work and we felt that it was something we had to take seriously.

“We still use more conventional methods of recruiting skilled workers but more and more of those people are looking towards social networking as a way of organising their lives and so must we. What social networking technologies do is help a SME like us to better create a global presence.”

Ian Marshall, who is the Principal Recruitment Consultant with TechConsult UK, said: “Conventional methods, such as phone calls and emails, do still work but social media is an exciting addition to the way we operate. The big advantage is that it has a worldwide reach. We can place details of an opportunity on a social networking site and workers and clients from across the world can access the details.”

Recruitment Consultant Daniel Hanafin said: “Social networking opens up new opportunities for a company like ourselves. It does not replace the work we do – the human touch remains important - but it does give us another way of promoting it.”

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