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Companies back research into carbon capture

October 2010

Wilton-based companies combine expertise

Wilton-based companies combine expertise

Leading companies on Teesside have come together to explore the potential for an industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system.

Working through Centre resident NEPIC, the new group will be known as the Process Industry Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative (PICCSI).

Including companies based on the Wilton International and Wilton Centre complex, the group has come together to build on research into the technology by Tees Valley Unlimited and the North and South Tees Study.

It is also considering other work, including a conceptual engineering study for the Tees Valley completed by AMEC, as well as an economic assessment prepared by Element Energy & Carbon Counts. This work was initiated as a result of the NEPIC Ten Point Plan and is funded by the Government and the One North East-supported Tees Valley Industrial Programme. Leading regional companies including AMEC, BOC, Growhow, Huntsman, Ineos Nitriles, Lucite, Sembcorp, SABIC and px Limited, have agreed to work together to identify how a CCS system would benefit their businesses.

They also hope that their work will support other regional CCS power generation projects, including a gas-fired power station option for Teesside.

Carbon Capture & Storage is seen as a way of developing clean coal-fired power stations at the same time as reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from big process industry factories.

The Teesside based consortium hopes to show that CCS is just as important to industrial producers of CO2 as it is to power generators, and it hopes to win the opportunity for one of the earliest demonstrator projects for the UK economy, to be based on Teesside.

For further information regarding PICCSI, please contact the NEPIC team via 01642 442560 or go to www.nepic.co.uk

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