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Hitting the right note

June 2010

Choir members of Tees Valley Voices on a recent visit to the centre

Choir members (L-R) David Zumaeta Mesa, Lydia Boagey and Jessica Briscoe of Tees Valley Voices on a recent visit to the centre

A group of young singers has received sponsorship from The Wilton Centre.

The support for Tees Valley Voices, a children’s choir set up in 1986 for boys and girls from 7-14 years of age, includes funding an honorarium for one of its two musical directors, Katie Hibbard.

Joan Carter, Chair of Tees Valley Voices, said: “Tees Valley Voices very much values the sponsorship and looks forward to a continuing relationship with this great new partner.
“Success in obtaining business sponsorship, like The Wilton Centre’s, and several grants has boosted our income from membership and concerts and helped to secure the choir’s future and give the leaders confidence in planning exciting future projects.”

Wilton Centre Manager Dave Willis said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to support an impressive initiative that encourages young people to get involved in something that is so positive.”

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