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New programme is launched

December 2009

CPI's new Biosource programme is up and running

CPI's new Biosource programme is up and running

CPI has launched a Biosource programme which will help open new doors to companies looking to embrace the industrial biotechnology revolution.

The programme will see the National Industrial Biotechnology Facility (NIBF) enhanced with new equipment that will further enable customers to replace traditional chemical processing techniques with cleaner and less wasteful enzyme routes.

Through its partnership with CoEBio3, the facility provides a unique gene-to-kilo service and an integrated 'plug and play' design, allowing customers to produce trial quantities of products, scale-up processes and provides detailed real-time information on fermentation.

The Biosource programme will enable the installation of a range of new facilities including a 15L steam-in-place fermenter, a photobioreactor and other equipment for the growth of algae, a high speed centrifuge and additional analytical capabilities.

At pilot scale, additions include pre-processing equipment for wet and dry biomass and membrane and filtration equipment for downstream processing.

The facility is being put on the ground as a result of recommendations from the IBIGT, and is funded by BIS to a value of £12.5 million. It is due to be operational from November 2010 and will be run and manned by a production manager and eight-strong shift team.

Sophie Walton, business manager for the NIBF, said: "Integral to NIBF's success to date is its adaptability in allowing a range of businesses to test new processing concepts to ensure they are viable before further investment. The Biosource programme will enhance the facilities."

CPI is currently working with a range of customers operating within fine chemical, cosmetic, fragrance, food, marine, and fuel markets.

The centre is also working on several FP7 projects, collaborating with partners across Europe with the aim of developing new technologies for the greater good of European industry.

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