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Company appeals for more help with shaping fragrances of the future

December 2009

Givaudan needs you!

Givaudan needs you!

Centre resident Givaudan, a global fragrance and flavour company, hosted an open day at the Wilton Centre.

The Givaudan research panel, which has run at Wilton for more than 10 years, staged the event to thank its team of panellists and to encourage others to take part in its work.

Residents were given the opportunity to visit the research panel in R219 and learn how the work provides information for the development of new underarm and fabric care fragrances.

Lynn Almond, Panel Manager, Wilton said: "We are very grateful to our dedicated panellists for all their support at our recent recruitment day. I hope that everyone enjoyed the event and we are pleased to extend a warm welcome to our new volunteers."

The panel runs throughout the year for men and intermittently for women. Panellists are required to give up only a few minutes every day. Rewards include shopping vouchers and deodorant and body products.

To sign up to the panel, please contact Lynn Almond on (01642) 459382 or lynn.almond@givaudan.com

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