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Tackling waste in the chemical process

October 2009

Agreeing the deal

IPT Business Development Manager, I Woodcock left, agreeing the deal with Dr C.G. Karanjgaokar, Managing Director of Kalpyog Chemicals

INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT) has acquired a unique residue recovery technology that greatly helps reduce by-product waste in chemical processes.

Acquired in July from Kalpyog Chemicals of India, the technology recovers more than 90 per cent of the chemicals in the residues stream from plants that manufacture PTA.

The recovered chemicals can then be returned to the manufacturing process or offered for commercial sale.

* IPT has also worked with INVISTA’s Intermediates Business to license INVISTA's BDO and PTMEG technologies to Jian-Feng Industrial Group, a Chinese company. Jian-Feng is investing in the construction of a manufacturing complex to produce the two products at Chongqing Chemical Industry Park in China.

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