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Investment helps research scientists

October 2009

Intertek MSG's Paul Marsh - a Senior Research Scientist within the Microscopy Team

Intertek MSG's Paul Marsh - a Senior Research Scientist within the Microscopy Team

A six-figure investment in sophisticated new equipment is helping scientists to identify new ways of helping their customers.

Intertek MSG, which is based at The Wilton Centre, has recently acquired an electron microscope to enhance the services offered to customers working in Nanotechnology and Materials Science.

The purchase, made jointly with fellow Wilton Centre tenant NanoCentral, will enable Intertek MSG to offer researchers the ability to examine an extended range of materials in even greater detail.

Director Dr Simon Allen said: "For many years, electron microscopes have enabled us to look in minute detail at structures too small for a light microscope but until now we could only study dry or dried samples.

"The exciting thing about our new analytical instrument is that for the first time we can also examine the micro-structures of wet materials. This greatly expands the range of industries that we can support and is excellent news both for our business and our customers."

Formerly part of ICI, Intertek MSG is one of The Wilton Centre's most established residents, having been based at the complex since the 1970s.
Dave Willis, Wilton Centre Manager, said he was delighted that Intertek MSG was based at the centre, adding: "It flies the flag for excellence in scientific research and, with continued investment like this to support them, the team can only go from strength to strength."

Intertek MSG can be contacted on 01642 435788 or msgenquiry@intertek.com and more information is available at: www.intertek.com

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