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Around the Centre - Sessions target healthy living

October 2009

Healthy Heart Check

The NHS is offering Centre residents the opportunity to have a free Healthy Heart Check during late October.

The aim is to identify people who may be at risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease and to help them take steps to lessen the risks.
Sessions have been planned for 26th, 27th & 28th October in the Roseberry Room.

Taking no more than 30 minutes, the check will be carried out by Primary Care Trust specialist nurses and will be available to anyone who is:
• Aged 40 plus
• Has no existing cardio-vascular disease (this includes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke or high cholesterol)
• Has no history of a similar assessment within the previous two years.

Advice and results will be given on the day and the process is confidential.
Please contact The Help Desk to make an appointment (43 8000 or helpdesk@wiltoncentre.co.uk). If you have any questions, please contact Keith Thompson on (9) 43 8026, e-mail keith_thompson@wiltoncentre.co.uk

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