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Wilton Centre recognised by science park body

June 2009

UK Science Park Association (UKSPA)

The Wilton Centre’s reputation for innovation in science and technology has been confirmed by an invitation to join the prestigious UK Science Park Association (UKSPA).

Science Parks comprise a cluster of knowledge-based businesses where support and advice are available on site to assist in the growth of the resident companies.

Centre manager Dave Willis said: “UKSPA is the authoritative body on the planning, development and creation of Science Parks like ours,

“When it was first established, there was a membership of eight. Now, there are more than 100 members and our membership allows us to access advice and share best practice. This will further improve the support we offer our tenants.

“Many of the businesses that are located here have world-class reputations. Collectively, they have helped to establish the Centre as one of the most significant science and engineering communities in UK industry.”

As well as providing access to best practice and networking services, UKSPA also delivers ‘UKSPA advantage’ where tenants can access a range of deals brokered with national suppliers. These provide tangible benefit to UKSPA members - at a time when cost reduction is key to increasing profitability.

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