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CPD makes the move

March 2009

Cleveland Process Designs Limited (CPD)

New Centre resident Cleveland Process Designs Limited (CPD) is a technical services provider with a track record in finding the right combination of people and skills to fulfil clients' requirements.

Founded in 1963, CPD specialises in the application of technology for the acquisition, analysis and dissemination of engineering and operational data.
The company, which offers a team of consultants with backgrounds in all aspects of systems delivery, has 45 years' experience supporting the Process Industry.

Its team can provide everything from a full turnkey delivery of bespoke software solutions to a Project Engineer on a short-term placement.
Three generations of the management team have worked in the industry, guaranteeing that CPD understands all clients' requirements.

Director Ross Coulman said: "We have first-hand experience of working with the people we recommend. The benefits of using us are that we employ the resource so clients don’t have to, freeing up their business to react quickly in times of need."

CPD, which is based in Room A332, can be contacted on 01642 438114.
Email is assistance@clevelandprocessdesigns.com and the website address is www.clevelandprocessdesigns.com

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