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Dramatic safety message

March 2009

Dramatic safety message

L to R: Actor Steve Holden from Dramatrain; Diggy Wilson and Chas Thomason, Dramatrain's business partners; Keith Thompson, Wilton Centre's Safety Health and Environment Advisor and the Centre's Engineering Manager, Richard Short

Wilton Centre residents enjoyed a show designed to emphasis safety in the workplace.

Dramatrain, which is based in Medomsley in County Durham, uses drama to change attitudes and behaviour in organisations.

Its members staged a performance for the Wilton Centre audience, featuring a scenario based at a fictional nuclear plant, using drama to focus on safety issues.

Chas Thomason, of Dramatrain, said: "We concentrate on the people side of safety and there is nothing better than drama to get close to the human nature that underlines most situations."

Richard Short, Engineering Manager of The Wilton Centre, who was responsible for arranging the performance for tenants on the Centre's Safety Committee, said: "Dramatrain offers an unusual and effective way of spelling out important messages about safety. The demonstration was very well received and was certainly memorable."

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