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The need for energy conservation prompts initiatives

July 2008

Recent months have seen WCFM working on a whole range of schemes to save energy around the Centre, which is not only good for the environment but will reduce operating costs for residents.

Included in the work has been an initiative aimed at the ventilation system serving T Block.

The system takes air, heats it if necessary, blows it into the building then sucks it out again via the fume cupboards.

The original system handled a fixed amount of air, no matter what was happening in the fume cupboards, but the new Variable Air Volume system uses motorised dampers to ensure that the minimum necessary volume is used.

When combined with discipline on the part of fume cupboard users, this allows large savings to be made.

In T Block, 40 fans have been removed, the input air fans are running at a much-reduced rate and, because less air is used, so less steam is needed to heat it.

The same arrangement will be possible in R Block, and, to a lesser degree, in other lab blocks and in TDA’s South Lab. Significant savings are being made by better lighting controls, including in Main Building toilets, where movement sensors turn the lights on when required, and by the installation of high-efficiency lighting when major refurbishments are carried out.

A campaign of leak detection has made valuable reductions in the amount of compressed air used across the Wilton Centre. Similar leak detection can reduce wastage of nitrogen, with its associated hazards.

Water consumption is being monitored to look for leaks and unnecessary use and an audit of labs to look at water use is being considered.

WCFM is constantly looking for other ways to reduce the energy & resources used in the Wilton Centre, without affecting the work of resident businesses.

Any suggestions for further improvements will be welcomed;
contact the Engineering Manager,
Richard Short on (01642) 438025,
email: richard_short@wiltoncentre.co.uk

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