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GMT makes move to the Wilton Centre

April 2008

Paul Livingston, Andy McEwen and Andrew Shaw

L to R: Paul Livingston, Andy McEwen and Andrew Shaw from GMT

Newly-formed company Guardian Marine Testing (GMT) has moved into the Wilton Centre.

The North-East company was created this year by Andrew McEwen, Paul Livingston and Andrew Shaw to provide a fully integrated fuel testing service with technical support and advisory capabilities.

Guardian Marine Testing’s core business is a service that gives ship owners and managers peace of mind by testing all fuels used in their operations so as to avoid damage, danger to the crew or environmental issues.

The company can ensure all fuel users that the purchased fuels are acceptable to all parties and that they have been supplied with exactly what they paid for in terms of quantity and quality. As part of the service, the company can arrange for testing and other complementary services to take place on a global basis.

The standard approach involves sampling the fuel as it’s loaded on the ship but if some clients insist on having results before it’s taken, such specialist work can also be done.

Andrew Shaw, Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “The main reason why this service is important is that it provides the parties concerned with analysis of their fuel and a copy of that analysis prior to the vessel having to start burning the fuel.”

GMT can be contacted on: +44 (0)1642 440991
Fax: +44 (0)1642 458537
Email: info@gmtlab.com
Website: www.gmtlab.com

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