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Fragrant company seeks perfume tester

August 2007

The Wilton Sensory Team

Givaudan – the Wilton Centre’s most fragrant tenant – is seeking new testers for its products.

The Swiss company has over 180 years’ experience in creating the world’s most memorable fragrances and, with a global turnover of CHF 4 billion, has established its very ambitious business objective of being the the market leader in the fragrance and flavour industry.

Its Deodorant facility at Wilton is central to Givaudan’s commitment to creating fragrance for an important product segment. Deodorants and antiperspirant technology is increasingly applied to other personal care products as consumers demand “freshness” in every aspect of their life.
In order to be and to stay number one in the fragrance industry, Givaudan is conscious that it must provide a unique point of differentiation for its customers in this market.
And playing an integral role in helping it do so is the Wilton–based panel.

From Teesside, vital information is supplied that enables perfumers to ensure that the scents they create not only smell great but combat body odour effectively. Understanding the senses encompasses the science of malodour and how to neutralise it, as well as the creation of pleasant scents.
The Wilton Deodorant Panel needs men and women to participate in the vital product trials and evaluation that support the development of Givaudan fragrances.
Participation in the trials is rewarded not only with the satisfaction of helping to develop new perfumes but also with other perks.

If you are interested in joining the Givaudan Deo Panel, please contact Lynn Almond/Michelle Russell on 435930/435931, or alternatively email lynn.almond@givaudan.com or michelle.russell@givaudan.com

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