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New company targets success in cosmetics market

April 2007

Mike Anderson of Eurofarpoint

Mike Anderson of Eurofarpoint

A flash of inspiration could revolutionise the way cosmetic creams and other types of emulsions are made.

Mike Anderson, business development director at the Centre For Process Innovation (CPI), has patented a faster way of mixing oil and water.

Dr Anderson, who had worked in the cosmetic industry for a number of years before moving to the CPI, wondered if process intensification technologies could be used to make cosmetics.

To develop the idea, he set up his own company, Eurofarpoint, working with CPI in its role as mentors and advisors to SMEs.

Together, they prepared an application to NStar’s “proof of concept fund”, equipment was designed and made locally and Dr Anderson set up in business adjacent to CPI at the Wilton Centre.

The new technology means that a manufacturer now requires 200 times less floorspace, one-tenth of the capital outlay and fewer operators, meaning enormous savings in what is a massive global market.

The traditional method of making such creams and cosmetics has been to use big heated pots, which are stirred continuously for up to 18 hours.

However, Mike’s flexible patented EMINT (Emulsification Intensification) process produces stable emulsions in a fraction of the time, using in-line mixing, heating and emulsification.

He has now launched his own range of cosmetics, Tamanu Care, which are clinically tested skincare products containing Tamanu oil sourced by his partner in America.

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