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Work carried out to improve centre

November 2006


A wide range of work is being carried out to improve facilities at the Wilton Centre.

Projects include:
Main Building:
* H2 Corridor and H2 Lift Core Refurbishment: The corridor work is complete and Roevin has moved into its new offices. NEPIC, DDA and PICME will follow shortly. H2 lift core refurbishment will be complete in mid-November.

* E/F Stairwell refurbishment work has started and will be complete in mid-November.

* D2 Ladies and Disabled Toilet: The ladies toilet has been refurbished and unisex disabled facilities installed.

* External painting and roof work: six external elevations have been painted and the replacement of J Block roof is complete.

* Main entrance: Decoration of the main entrance canopy is complete.

* Catering Link Corridors: Work to install a new heating system is complete and will be commissioned shortly. New suspended ceilings are complete with lighting to follow.

* Landscaping: New turf and bulb planting has been carried out in the quadrangle north of C Block and improvements made to the landscaped area south of H Block.

* Future work: Further refurbishments of corridors and toilets are planned for the New Year. Residents will be advised nearer the time.

Technical Development Area:
* South Laboratory Roof: Most of the work is complete with final completion expected for mid-November.

* Toilets: Work in progress includes the installation of unisex disabled facilities in the South Laboratory and the refurbishment of the North Laboratory gent's toilet.

* Fire Alarms: A new alarm panel has been fitted and commissioned in the Central Alarm Area to improve the response.

* Metering: Further compressed air and nitrogen meters are being installed.

Plans are being developed for the replacement of the Food Hall counters and changes to the cooking equipment and its layout in the kitchen.

A shop outlet at R entrance is also planned.

Wilton Centre are proud to be associated with:

Innovation Accelerator
Catapult Hight Value Manufacturing
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