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Company celebrates business excellence award

February 2006

Tim Hutchinson of RPS & Outpace receiving the award from Northumbrian Water

Tim Hutchinson of RPS & Outpace receiving the award from Northumbrian Water.

RPS, a Wilton Centre tenant, has scooped a prestigious business award.

The company won the Environment Category of the North-East Business Awards 2004, presented last year.

Judge and sponsor Northumbrian Water said it was impressed with RPS’s commitment to recycling packaging.

Turning rubbish into an asset for companies lies at the heart of RPS’s business, which sells the idea to firms that instead of being thrown away, packaging can be collected and re-used.

Such an approach is cost-effective and environmentally friendly and over a 12-month period, RPS at Wilton reconditioned 150,000 pallets, which were delivered to clients, equating to 3,300 tonnes of wood.

And 30,000 builders bags were overhauled so they could be used again, a reduction of 75 tonnes of polypropylene.

Even damaged pallets are not wasted because RPS can extract boards for use in renovating pallets, reducing the new timber needed. Boards beyond repair are recycled by being chipped by a local company.

RPS also received recognition under the DTI E-commerce 2004 business awards. The ‘highly commended’ award was in recognition of business excellence during its start-up.

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